"The many complications that arise...are explored with open-mindedness, political acuity and fine psychological detail. "All I Love and Know" is a rare combination of a topical premise and a literary approach, with beautifully developed characters and settings."
(Best Books of 2014)
What a refreshing,impressive novel. That Judith Frank has managed to weave a story about queer partnership and parenting together with an exploration of the moral complexities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is rather stunning. This tender, intricate domestic drama both engages and informs what is arguably one of the critical issues of our time. It feels quite revolutionary, not just in the political sense, but in terms of the kind of stories we value.
—Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home
This beautiful novel is old-fashioned in its approach, taking its sweet time to tell a tender love story between two flawed, good-hearted people, and yet it feels wholly fresh…In her second novel (after Crybaby Butch, 2004), Frank not only explores the complexities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict but also presents the difficulties gay partners face in navigating the court system. Above all, though, this is a compassionate, utterly compelling story of how family members, torn apart by tragedy, must reach deep within themselves to meet their greatest challenge.
(starred review)
All I Love and Know is a tender novel that deals with the emotional riptides left by an act of terrorism long after the headlines have faded. It is a brave, moving, and deeply compelling book written with grace, about the ways even love and family devotion are challenged when the worst occurs. It makes for hugely rewarding reading.
—Scott Turow, author of Identical